Guide to attraction for women

What is a woman’s secret to attracting a man? Her looks is what initially draws his attention, but it takes more to keep him around. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, his secret obsession by James Bauer suggests it to be honest to yourself and allow the man discover who you really are. Of course, wearing a nice outfit and using a sweet smelling perfume to capture his attention at first will not hurt anybody. Remember you only one chance to create a lasting first impression.

Tips on how to attract a man

Play hard to get: Smothering a guy or appearing desperate is the worst thing that you can do to grab his attention. Men are attracted to the excitement of chasing a woman, so if you are chasing after him, you are pushing him away. Keep it low and keep him at the edge. Maintain your composure. Acting uninterested can make a man want you even more.

Be mysterious: The greatest secret to attracting a man is letting him figure you out. Don’t tell him everything about yourself immediately. Exercise caution in what you say and don’t engaged in idle talk. Also, don’t be available all the time. Let him wonder what you are doing or where you’re. An air of mystery is very provocative and seductive to men.

Exhibit intelligence and depth: Don’t use “um” and “like” in all your sentences. Intelligence is sexy. A woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to say it attracts men wherever she goes. Displaying intelligence shows you have depth. Both will attract more men than when you look dull. However simple this rule of attraction seems many women get it wrong all the time. Don’t be too stereotypical. You should be able to let down your guard and crack some jokes, watch soccer, play poker or video games with him and enjoy doing what he enjoys most. He is neither interested in holding your handbag when you are shopping nor does he know what happened in yesterday’s episode of Road to Destiny. Hang out with him at sports bars. He will want you more.

Dress to kill: Wear clothes that make you feel and look sexy. Put on feminine clothes that highlight your figure and curves just right. Men are visual so use colors pink or red to your advantage.

Groom yourself: Women who take care of themselves attract men more easily that those who don’t. Shower with a nice smelling toilet soap and use feminine scented deodorants. Brush your teeth properly and always have mint and chewing gums. Use a sweet smelling perfume.

It is every man’s desires to date an attractive, well groomed and intelligent woman. The above tips provide guide on how to effectively attract a man.